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Are you into email marketing and have you started your own email list yet?  If you are a Marketer, Blogger or a Writer you need to be able to contact your readers but how do you start?

Andy Brocklehurst has just released a FREE (yes no cost) Email Marketing and List Building Rolodex on the Warrior Forum and I urge you to go download it while he is giving it away.  It normally costs $197 and includes tools, resources, and trainings.

Its a Windows Application for your desktop so it wont work on Apple or mobile devices.  I just downloaded it and made a shortcut to my desktop so I could get to it easily. Make sure you take note of the Key to unlock the application when you first open it (look for it just below the download link).

email marketing and list building

My copy on my desktop

What it contains:

  • 5 articles
  • 7 videos
  • 5 reports (pdf format)
  • 11 tools
  • 4 miscellaneous – includes a course, tutorial, free membership, and subscription
  • 3 bonuses

OPTIONAL:  Now when you go through the checkout process you will be also offered 3 upsells which you can accept if you think they will be valuable to you.

The first one is Give Away Rights with a done for you squeeze page and email follow up sequence and at only $1 its a no-brainer really. You can can give it away for your own email subscribers.  I wouldn’t pass this one up at only a buck.

The second upsell is the Brandable Version with Rights to give away your own version with your name on it, their own registration code, and can you can set two of the resource links in the product. The advantage is your own name or blog/webite branded on this product.  The cost for this one is only $9.97 and still a real bargain.

The Third upsell is Master Private Label Branding Rights and this is more for established Marketers in my opinion but at $37 is still a very good price.  You dont have to get any of these upsells to get your free rolodex.

I am not sure how long he will keep this offer going so download yours now while it is still FREE at WARRIOR FORUM <– Click on link to go there.


How subliminal money attraction works

money attraction

blickpixel / Pixabay

Have you used subliminal messaging for money attraction before but still don’t understand it or how it works? A lot of people expect it to work instantly to attract wealth into their lives but it does not work like that except for rare cases. When it does work like that, then this is the result of their using subliminals or some form of the Law of Attraction.

Money attraction is more of a gradual process, and works better over a longer period of time than just the instant you begin listening. Subliminal audio works gradually and is designed to change your thoughts and beliefs about money and align your unconscious mind to bring that money to you.

This a natural process and cant be forced so this is the reason the time varies for each person as some have additional worries and mental blocks that have to be cleared first. This will mean that it will take longer for them than other people. Don’t worry about the time frame and just let it happen as the result is what matters and now how long it takes.

The Law of Attraction is really the principle behind how money attraction works and here are three simple examples:

  • To focus you on money in a positive way. This motivates you to bring abundance into your life.
  • Aligns your money attraction goals with your subconscious mind. You body and mind work together in bringing the money into your life.
  • Makes you believe so reinforces the power of the Law of Attraction and how it works in our lives.

OK I can hear you say that it doesn’t work.  I think that what it does is focus you to take action.  That is the REAL SECRET.  Read that again…..Focus then take action.

Once you decide that you want to attract money into your life you start to look at ways of doing this and if you take action or put into place a plan to make it happen, then it will. I dream of traveling and if I didn’t have a plan on achieving it, then it would never have happened. Having a positive attitude attracts other positive people to you too and they can bring opportunities with them.

Download this music track called attracting prosperity from Amazon to help that focus and get you into that positive frame of mind.

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