PLR stands for Private Label Rights and I will be talking about rewriting  PLR content it to make it original.

Have you started your blog yet?  Have you looked at Squidoo and made a lens?  Are you worrying about where to write or find good content?   Here is a solution for you to the problem of writing articles yourself and that is using PLR..

plr 300What is PLR exactly?  Here is some information I gathered from two other sites that talks about private label rights and what it is used for.

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Plr or private label rights is term coined for license rights as used with products, be it articles, ebooks or other forms of digital products that are sold online. In short, any product like content, software, themes or videos can have plr rights attached to them.

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What is PLR used for?

Online marketers know only too well that the world is hungry for information. More than 2 billion people are online and that number is rapidly growing. That’s a lot of people looking for a lot of information. They search for everything from the latest miracle weight loss program to the mechanics of tiling a bathroom.

To keep up with this constant need for online content, marketers have turned to PLR stores as an inexpensive source of information. For the average price of just $1 per article, marketers can purchase the appropriate content for their market, spin it to reflect their own branding needs and then attach their name to it.

Where can you use PLR Content?

PLR can be used for blog posts, articles, ebooks, reports, made into images or videos or make it into an email series for your subscribers.

The big question is now is how do you rewrite it?

I was reading The Warrior Forum the other day and I came across a report that Tiffany Dow put out about How to Cure Yourself of PLR Hoarding and I found that the information she gave was so good I wasn’t even going to try myself to explain it to you myself but to give you her report instead. You will need Acrobat Reader to read it as it is in .pdf format.

Here are topics from the report:

The biggest problem with PLR
Scheduling the use of your PLR
Rewriting PLR is as hard as you make it
Getting your money’s worth

I found the section on rewriting PLR content so good that I took notes to simplify the process for me and you can pick that up too if you leave a comment.  I will send it on to you by email.

You can download her report here – PLRHoarders

Tiffany directs you to a free article then shows you how to make it unique and add your own personality into the article.  It is the best information I have seen on how to do that step by step. If you have any questions on using private label rights articles just leave a comment and hopefully we can resolve them.

Bottom Line:  PLR is great to use for ideas and to get your thinking into gear but most PLR articles are not good enough to leave ‘as is’ anyway and you do want to provide good content always.


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